News for the workshop of Mapping Christianity in China, 1550-1950

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The Center for Global Christianity and Mission at Boston University convened a workshop on “Mapping Christianity in China, 1550-1950,” November 19-21, 2020. The Center launched the China Historical Christian Database (CHCD) project in 2018 to map where every Christian church, school, hospital, monastery, orphanage, publishing house, and the like were located in China between 1550 and 1950. The project also seeks to identify who worked inside those buildings, both foreigners and Chinese. The goal is to build a tool that can create spatial maps of when and where Christians were located in China, and a resource that can generate social network maps of Christian actors.

The workshop was designed to mark a milestone in the project. The China Historical Christian Database is exiting its proof-of-concept phase (beta version). Before dramatically upscaling, it was important to get input from various stakeholders. In total, 266 people from twenty-eight countries registered for the event. Scholars, computer scientists, and archivists worked together to lay out a pathway for the CHCD to become transformative for the study of modern China and modern Chinese Christianity. The sessions were recorded and are available at

基督宗教研究论坛(2022)成功举办 会议动态


原题:专家学者热议基督宗教中国化的探索与实践 作者:刘晶戈 近日,基督宗教研究论坛(2022)暨“基督宗教研究:中国立场与世界视野”学术研讨会在线上召开。本次论坛由中国社会科学院基督教研究中心主办,中...


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