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(December 2019, 2019年12月)

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卷首语From the Editor’s Desk*

Paulos HUANG, The authorities for a jingdian (Classic) to become a jing (Canon) in the Chinese Context

人学、神学与国学Humanities, Theology, and Chinese National Studies

LIU Qingping, The historic turn of the Confucian destiny from “not being used” to “being valued”
YU Tao, Social Concern in Protestant Spirit: On the Role and Significance of the Reformation
in the Formation of Nordic Welfare State System
于涛:新教精神中的社会关怀: 论宗教改革对北欧福利国家制度形成的作用与意义

实践神学与中西教会和社会Practical Theology and Sino-Western Views on Church and Society

ZHENG Xiaoyun, On the Religious Management Model in Chinese Theravada Buddhism
Rachel X. Zhu, The Impact of Christian Charity on Chinese Society and the Challenges in the future

中西经典与圣经Chinese and Western Classics and the Bible

David F. Ford, The Potential of Interreligious Dialogue in China and Globally; the Continuation of
Scriptural Reasoning in China
大卫 · 福特:宗教间对话在中国和全球化的潜力:经文辨读
Tuula Sakaranaho, Scriptural Reasoning: Response to Professor David F. Ford and Professor You Bin
杜拉· 萨卡拉阿豪:经文辨读:对于福特教授和游斌教授的回应
Aleksi Kuokkanen, Attempts to Understand Scriptural Reasoning

教会历史与中西社会Church History in the West and in China

Claudia von Collani, The Jesuits Andreas Koffler and Michael Boym at the Court of the Yongli Emperor
LIN Chunjie, A Historical Investigation of the Relationship between State and Church
in Germany in the 20th Century

比较宗教文化研究Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

ZHANG Hua, Anthropological Perspective of Contemporary Theology and the Pluralism
of Christianity
ZHANG Ruiming Existential Ti-Theology:Development of Xiong Shili’s Lianglun through Kant and Husserl

书评与通讯Reviews and Academic Reports

张蕴艳:“记忆同一性”的左翼路径及其认同难题初探: 以马克斯·西尔弗曼的《羊皮 古书的记忆——法国与法语小说和电影中的大屠杀与殖民主义》为例
ZHANG Yunyan, The left-wing Route of "Memory Identity" and Its Identification Dilemma- Focusing on Max Silverman’s Plimpsestic Memory-The Holocaust and Colonialism in French and Francophone Fiction and Film
WANG Shuai, A Research on the Development of the Russian Orthodox Church in the First Decade after the Enthronement of Patriarch Kirill - Inheritance, Transformation
and Challenge
Woodroffe and Alaranta, Juris Entropia
投稿须知Notes for Contributors
注释体例及要求Footnote Format and Requirements
* Neither English abstracts nor key words are provided for the foreword from the editor’s desk, book reviews and academic reports.



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