Francis K.G. Lim, Bee Bee Sng, Christianity and Social Engagement in China (2021)

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Francis K.G. Lim, Bee Bee Sng, Christianity and Social Engagement in China (2021)

ISBN 9780367439224
December 22, 2020 Forthcoming by Routledge

Book Description

How does Christianity continue to experience growth in an increasingly authoritarian political system that enforces strict regulations on religion? How are ordinary Christians affected by social and political changes in the country, and how do they make their influence felt in wider society?

Taking Chinese Christians’ experience as a case study, Lim and Sng examine the possibilities and limitations of Christian engagement in society under an authoritarian regime. They look especially at efforts by religious individuals and groups who are seeking to address social issues by engaging in unobtrusive and non-antagonistic activities that interact with controlling state institutions. Their emphasis is on everyday lived religion, analysing how Christians express their faith in their everyday activity and not only in spaces demarcated as falling within the religious domain.

This book is a valuable reference for scholars and students looking to understand religion in relation to politics, culture and everyday life in rapidly modernising East Asian societies and particularly in China.

Table of Contents

1.Gifts from above: Christianity and Social Engagement in China

2.City on a Hill: Atheist Secularization and Religious Social Engagement

3.Bond of Perfectness: Networked Transmission of Christian Values
4.Tending the Garden: Christianity in the Workplace

5.Harvest of Righteousness: Holistic Development

6.Bearing Fruits: Religious Infusion in Society



Francis K.G. Lim is Associate Professor in the Social Sciences at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Bee Bee Sng is an Adjunct Lecturer in Research Methodology and Academic Writing Skills in several universities in Singapore and supervises trainee teachers at the National Institute of Education, Singapore.



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