Nanlai Cao, Giuseppe Giordan, and Fenggang Yang, Chinese Religions Going Global (2020)

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Volume 11 of the Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion is on the theme "Chinese religions going global," edited by Cao Nanlai, Giuseppe Giordan, and Yang Fenggang.  For further information, please refer to Brill's website:


Preface, by Nanlai Cao, Giuseppe Giordan, and Fenggang Yang.

Chapter 1 Bargaining with God in the Name of Family. Chinese Christian Entrepreneurs in Italian Coffee Bars, by Ting Deng, 1–19.


Chapter 2 From China with Faith. Sinicizing Christianity in Europe, by Nanlai Cao, 20–36.


Chapter 3 A Bridge between the Spiritual and the Worldly. The Puhuasi Buddhist Temple in Prato (Italy), by Fabio Berti und Valentina Pedone, 37–57.


Chapter 4 Exploring Chinese Catholicism in the Italian Peninsula. A Sociological Study of the Chinese Catholic Community in Italy, by Marco Guglielmi, 58–76.


Chapter 5 Encounter, Initiation, and Commitment. Christian Conversion among New Chinese Migrants in Britain, by Xinan Li, Line Nyhagen, and Thoralf Klein, 77–96.


Chapter 6 Chinese Christian Community in Germany. Home-Making and Chineseness, by Jie Kang, 97–114.


Chapter 7 Going Global and Back Again. The Transformation of Chinese Christian Networks between Southeast Asia and China since the 1980s, by Chris White and Jifeng Liu, 115–137.


Chapter 8 The Ironies of Bringing Christ to the Motherland. The Interaction Ritual Chains of Chinese-Canadian Evangelicals over Short-Term Missions to China, by Jonathan Tam, 138–156.


Chapter 9 Between Cultural Reproduction and Cultural Translation. A Case Study of Yiguandao in London and Manchester, by Hung-Jen Yang, 157–173.


Chapter 10 Global Dao. The Making of Transnational Yiguandao, by Nikolas Broy, 174–193.


Chapter 11 Tension between the Chinese Government and Transnational Qigong Groups. Management by the State and Their Dissemination Overseas, by Utiraruto Otehode and Benjamin Penny, 194–209.


Chapter 12 To Be or Not to Be a Confucian. Explicit and Implicit Religious Identities in the Global Twenty-First Century, by Anna Sun, 210–235.


Chapter 13 Diverse Religious Experiences among Overseas Chinese in the United Arab Emirates, by Yuting Wang, 236–254.


Chapter 14 Chinese Muslim Diaspora Communities and the Role of International Islamic Education Networks. A Case Study of Dubai, by Jacqueline Armijo and Shaojin Chai, 255–278.




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