People, Communities, and the Catholic Church in China (2020)

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Cindy Yik-yi Chu, Paul P. Mariani ed.s, People, Communities, and the Catholic Church in China (2020)


This book explores the Chinese Catholic Church as a whole as well as focusing on particular aspects of its activities, including diplomacy, politics, leadership, pilgrimage, youths, and non-Chinese Catholics in China. It discusses Sino-Vatican relations and the rationale behind the decisions taken by Pope Francis with regard to the appointment of bishops in China. The book also examines important changes and personalities in the Chinese Church, the Catholic organizations, and the Catholic communities in the Church, offering a key read for researchers and graduate students studying the Chinese Catholic Church, the Church in Asia, and religion in contemporary China.

About the Author
Cindy Yik-yi Chu is Professor of History at Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. She publishes on the Catholic Church and the Catholic sisters in China and Hong Kong.

Paul P. Mariani is the Edmund Campion, SJ Endowed Professor of History at Santa Clara University, USA. He is the author of Church Militant.

Series: Christianity in Modern China
Hardcover: 157 pages
Publisher: Palgrave Pivot; 1st ed. 2020 edition (January 2, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9811516782
ISBN-13: 978-9811516788



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