The Translation of the Bible into Chinese: The Origin and Unique Authority of the Union Version (2021)

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The Translation of the Bible into Chinese: The Origin and Unique Authority of the Union Version

Ann Cui'an Peng

Pickwick Publications, 2021

The first full-length monograph on the history of the translation of the Bible into Chinese, this book tells a fascinating story beginning with Western missionaries working closely with Chinese assistants. They struggled for one hundred years to produce a version that would meet the needs of a growing Chinese church, succeeding in 1919 with publication of the Chinese Union Version (CUV). Celebrating the CUV's centennial, this volume explores the uniqueness and contemporary challenges in the context of the history of Chinese Bible translation, a topic that is attracting more and more attention. Peng's experiences give her a unique perspective and several advantages in conducting this research. Like the majority of readers of the CUV, she grew up in mainland China. When Chinese Christians went through severe political and economic ordeals, she was there to witness the CUV comforting those who were suffering under persecution. She has participated in Chinese Bible revision under the United Bible Societies. She was also director of the Commission on Bible Publication at the China Christian Council and chief editor of the CUV concise annotated version (1998).

Ann Cui’an Peng is a senior associate with the Global China Center and serves as associate editor for the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity. She was co-translator for the GCC series Salt and Light: Lives of Faith that Shaped Modern China. Peng received her PhD in theology (2007) from the University of Birmingham. She served as vice principal and lecturer in the 1990s at Nanjing Theological Seminary, where she had studied in the 1980s.




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