Limin Bai, Fusion of East and West: Children, Education and a New China, 1902-1915 (2019)

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In Fusion of East and West, Limin Bai presents a major work in the English language that focuses on Chinese textbooks and the education of children for a new China in a critical transitional period, 1902–1915. This study examines the life and work of Wang Hengtong (1868–1928), a Chinese Christian educator, and other Christian and secular writings through a historical and comparative lens and against the backdrop of the socio-political, ideological, and intellectual frameworks of the time. By doing so, it offers a fresh perspective on the significant connection between Christian education, Chinese Christian educators and the birth of a modern educational system. It unravels a cross-cultural process whereby missionary education and the Chinese education system were mutually re-shaped.

Publisher ISBN: 978-90-04-40692-6
出版日期: 05 Aug 2019

Introduction 页码: 1–18

Wang Hengtong, the Christian Community in Shanghai and the Textbook Market 页码: 19–48

An Innovative Approach: Progressive Teaching Method 页码: 49–78

Captivating Children: Hybrid Elements in Literacy Textbooks 页码: 79–105

Literacy Textbooks as Children’s Literature: Making Aesop Chinese 页码: 106–145

Textbooks as a Bridge to a World of New Knowledge 页码: 146–174

Traversing the Boundaries between Confucianism and Christianity 页码: 175–205

Education for a New China: a Multifaceted Perspective 页码: 206–244

Conclusion 页码: 245–251



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