Nadine Amsler, Jesuits and Matriarchs: Domestic Worship in Early Modern China (2018)

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Nadine Amsler, Jesuits and Matriarchs: Domestic Worship in Early Modern China (2018)

出版社: University of Washington Press
出版年: 2018
ISBN: 9780295743806

In early modern China, Jesuit missionaries associated with the male elite of Confucian literati in order to proselytize more freely, but they had limited contact with women, whose ritual spaces were less accessible. The book brings the domestic and devotional practices of women into sharp focus, uncovering a rich body of evidence that demonstrates how Chinese households functioned as sites of evangelization, religious conflict, and indigenization of Christianity. The resulting exploration of gendered realms in seventeenth-century China reveals networks of religious sociability and ritual communities among women as well as women’s remarkable acts of private piety. The author’s archival research and attention to material culture reveals new insights about women’s agency and domestic activities.


Introduction 3

1, Clothes Make the Man: The Jesuits' Adoption of Literati Masculinity 13
2, A Kingdom of Virtuous Women: Jesuit Description of China's Moral Topography 32
3, A Source of Creative Tension: Literati Jesuits and Priestly Duties 47
4, Strengthening the Marital Bond: The Christianization of Chinese Marriage 67
5, Praying for Progeny: Women and Catholic Spiritual Remedies 87
6, Domestic Communities: Women's Congregations and Communal Piety 99
7, Sharing Genteel Spirituality: The Female Networks of the Xus of Shanghai 113
8, A Widow and Her Virgins: The Domestic Convents of Hangzhou and Nanjing 128
9, Fabrics of Devotion: Catholic Women's Pious Patronage 138

Conclusion: Women and Gender in Global Catholicism 152

Glossary 157

Notes 165

Bibliography 217

Index 249




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