Jesuit Survival and Restoration: A Global History, 1773-1900

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Jesuit Survival and Restoration: A Global History, 1773-1900

Jesuit Survival and Restoration: A Global History, 1773-1900

Volume Editor: Robert Aleksander Maryks, Jonathan Wright
ISBN13: 9789004282384
E-ISBN: 9789004283879
Publication Date: November 2014
Copyright Year: 2015
Format: Hardback
Publication Type: Book
Imprint: BRILL
Language: English


In Jesuit Survival and Restoration leading scholars from around the world discuss the most dramatic event in the Society of Jesus's history. The order was suppressed by papal command in 1773 and for the next forty-one years ex-Jesuits endeavoured to keep the Ignatian spirit alive and worked towards the order's restoration. When this goal was achieved in 1814 the Society entered one of its most dynamic but troubled eras. The contributions in the volume trace this story in a global perspective, looking at developments in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.


Biographical note


Robert Aleksander Maryks, Ph.D. (2006) in History, Fordham University, is Associate Professor of History and director of the Institute of Jesuit Sources at Boston College. He has published on various aspects of the history of the Jesuits, including Saint Cicero and the Jesuits (Ashgate, 2008), The Jesuit Order as a Synagogue of Jews (Brill, 2009), Pouring Jewish Water into Fascist Wine (Brill, 2011), “The Tragic Couple”: Encounters Between Jews and Jesuits (Brill, 2013; co-edited with James Bernauer), and A Companion to Ignatius of Loyola (Brill, 2014). He is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Jesuit Studies and of the book series Jesuit Studies, and General Editor of The New Sommervogel: Jesuit Library Online (Brill/Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at Boston College, 2014).

Jonathan Wright, D.Phil (Oxford, 1999), is Honorary Fellow in the Department of Theology and Religion at Durham University. He has published widely on Jesuit history and the history of the European Reformation and is currently reviews editor of the Journal of Jesuit Studies.




All interested in the history of the Society of Jesus and religious history during the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Scholars of the history of missions, colonialism, eighteenth and nineteenth-century intellectual history


Table of contents


Introduction, Robert A. Maryks & Jonathan Wright



1. A Restored Society or a New Society of Jesus? Thomas Worcester, S.J. (Holy Cross)

2. Some Remarks on Jesuit Historiography 1773-1814, Robert Danieluk, S.J. (ARSI)



3. Before and After Suppression: Jesuits and Former Jesuits in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, c.1750-1795, Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski (University College London)

4. The Society of Jesus in the Russian Empire (1772-1820) and the Restoration of the Order, Marek Inglot, S.J. (Pontifical Gregorian University)

5. Sebastian Sierakowski and the Language of Architecture: a Jesuit Life during the Era of Suppression and Restoration, Carolyn C. Guile (Colgate University)



6. The Jesuits Artistic Diaspora in Germany after 1773, Jeffrey Chipps Smith (University of Texas at Austin)

7. Enduring the Deluge: Hungarian Jesuit Astronomers from Suppression to Restoration, Paul Shore (St. Paul’s College, University of Manitoba)

8. “Est et Non Est”: Jesuit Corporate Survival in England after the Suppression, Thomas M. McCoog, S.J. (Fordham University)

9. The Exiled Spanish Jesuits and the Restoration of the Society of Jesus, Inmaculada Fernández Arrillage Niccolò Guasti (Università degli Studi di Foggia)

10. The Society of Jesus Under Another Name: The Paccanarists in the Restored Society of Jesus, Eva Fontana Castelli (Rome, independent scholar)

11. Jesuit at Heart: Luigi Mozzi de’ Capitani (1746-1813) Between Suppression and Restoration, Emanuele Colombo (DePaul University)

12. The Romantic Historian under Charles X: Evaluating Jesuit Restoration in Charles Laumier’s Résumé de l’Histoire des Jésuites, Frédéric Conrod (Florida Atlantic University)




13. Jesuit Survival and Restoration in China, Ronnie Po-chia Hsia (Pennsylvania University State)

14. Restoration or Re-creation? The Return of the Society of Jesus to China, Paul Rule (La Trobe University)

15. Rising from the Ashes: the Gothic Revival and the Architecture of the New Society of Jesus in China and Macao, César Guillen-Nuñez (Macau Ricci Institute)

16. The Phoenix Rises from its Ashes: The Restoration of the Jesuit Shanghai Mission, Paul Mariani, S.J. (Santa Clara University)

17. The Chinese Rites Controversy’s Long Shadow over the Restored Society of Jesus, Jeremy Clarke, S.J. (Boston College)

18. The Province of Madurai Between the Old and New Society of Jesus, Sabina Pavone (University of Macerata)




19. The “Russian” Society and the American Jesuits: Giovanni Grassi’s Crucial Role, Daniel Schlafly (St. Louis University)

20. The Restoration in Canada: An Enduring Patrimony, John Meehan, S.J. (Campion College) and Jacques Monet, S.J. (Regis College)

21. Jesuit Tradition and the Rise of South-American Nationalism, Andrés I. Prieto (University of Colorado at Boulder)

22. The First Return of the Jesuits to Paraguay, Ignacio Telesca (Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, Buenos Aires)

23. Jesuit Restoration in Mexico, Perla Chinchilla Pawling (Universidad Iberoamericana)




24. Early Departure, Late Return: An Overview of the Jesuits in Africa during the Suppression and after the Restoration, Festo Mkenda, S.J. (Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa)

25. Hoping Against all Hope: The Survival of the Jesuits in Southern Africa (1875-1900), Aquinata N. Agonga (Jesuit Historical Institute in Africa)

26. The Jesuits in Fernando Po (1858-1872): An Incomplete Mission, Jean-Luc Enyeque, S.J. (Boston University)




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