Modern Chinese Theologies, Volume 1: Heritage and Prospect

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Modern Chinese Theologies, Volume 1: Heritage and Prospect

edited by Chloë Starr

Fortress Press, 2023

ISBN: 978-1-5064-8796-0

This is the first volume in a series of three exploring modern Chinese theology. This volume covers "Mainland and Mainstream"--church theologians of mainland China who were predominantly associated with mainline or missionary-established denominations.

In the post-1949 era of the People's Republic this translates into theologians and theological movements associated with the state-authorized church: the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association and the (Protestant) Three-Self Patriotic Movement. The volume is broadly chronological, with each Part forming a thematic unity. Part I covers "Republican and Wartime Theologies," with seven chapters exploring theologies of resistance, ethics, and themes of indigenization and Sinicization. Part II considers "Protestant Denominational Developments" in the first half of the twentieth century: the complex legacy of mission history in China and the relationship between denominational church belonging and theological development. Part III, "Reform Era Theologies and Methodological Considerations" begins in the height of the Maoist era, and addresses the changing relationship between Christian and Communist thought in the writings of TSPM theologians; the theological use of China's Christian past, and the development of Roman Catholic theological education in the twenty first century.

The sixteen essays of the volume represent a new generation of critical voices from the mainland, Hong Kong, and North America. The volume opens up the critical questions that have galvanized the modern Chinese church--who are we, as Chinese Christians? How can our Christian faith serve the nation? What form should an indigenous church take?--and offers new perspectives for a contemporary audience.



Chloë Starr is professor of Asian Christianity at Yale Divinity School.â·¯ She has published widely on Chinese literature and Chinese theology. Her works includeâ·¯Chinese Theology: Text and Contextâ·¯(2016); a coedited textbook, Documenting China (2011); a monograph,â·¯Red-Light Novels of the Late Qingâ·¯(2007);â·¯a coedited volume,â·¯The Quest for Gentility in Chinaâ·¯(Routledge, 2007, 2009); and an edited volume,â·¯Reading Christian Scriptures in Chinaâ·¯(2008).â·¯ She holds honorary posts at Renmin University of China, where she teaches regularly, and at the Institute of Sino-Christian Studies, Hong Kong.

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