Zheng Yangwen 鄭揚文 (ed.), Sinicizing Christianity

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Chinese people have been instrumental in indigenizing Christianity. Sinizing Christianityexamines Christianity's transplantation to and transformation in China by focusing on three key elements: Chinese agents of introduction; Chinese redefinition of Christianity for the local context; and Chinese institutions and practices that emerged and enabled indigenisation. As a matter of fact, Christianity is not an exception, but just one of many foreign ideas and religions, which China has absorbed since the formation of the Middle Kingdom, Buddhism and Islam are great examples. Few scholars of China have analysed and synthesised the process to determine whether there is a pattern to the ways in which Chinese people have redefined foreign imports for local use and what insight Christianity has to offer.

Contributors are: Robert Entenmann, Christopher Sneller, Yuqin Huang, Wai Luen Kwok, Thomas Harvey, Monica Romano, Thomas Coomans, Chris White, Dennis Ng, Ruiwen Chen and Richard Madsen.

Biographical note

Yangwen Zheng, PhD (2001), Cambridge University, is Professor of Chinese history at the University of Manchester. She has authored and edited seven books on China and Asia, including The Social Life of Opium in China (CUP, 2005).


All interested in the history of modern China and anyone concerned with Christianity in China.

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Introduction - Christianity: Towards a Theory of Sinicization

Part I - Agents of Introduction and Enculturation

Chapter 1: A Mission Without Missionaries: Chinese Catholics Clergy in Sichuan, 1746-1756
Robert Entenmann
Chapter 2: The Role of Union Theological Seminary (New York) in Sinicizing Christianity
Christopher D. Sneller
Chapter 3: “Taking Jesus Back to China”: New Gospel Agents in Shanghai
Yuqin Huang

Part II - Redefining Christianity for the Chinese Context

Chapter 4: Christ-human and Jia Yuming’s doctrine of sanctification
Wai Luen Kwok
Chapter 5: Sermon, Story, and Song in the Inculturation of Christianity in China
Thomas Alan Harvey
Chapter 6: Translating and Transplanting the Word of God in Chinese
Monica Romano

Part III - Building and Singing the Kingdom of God

Chapter 7: The “Sino-Christian Style”: a Major Tool for Architectural Indigenisation
Thomas Coomans
Chapter 8: Sacred Dwellings: Protestant Ancestral Halls and Homes in Southern Fujian
Chris White
Chapter 9: The Sinicization of Sacred Music: T. C. Chao
Dennis T.W. Ng
Chapter 10: Sinicising Christian Music at Shanghai Community Church
Chen Ruiwen

Epilogue - Multiple Sinicizations of Multiple Christianities
Richard Madsen

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