Thierry Meynard, The Jesuit reading of Confucius (2015)

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Thierry Meynard, SJ

The Jesuit reading of Confucius: 

The first complete translation of the Lunyu (1687) published in the West

Leiden / Boston: Brill, 2015 (May), x + 675 p., ISBN 978-9004289772

Table of contents: Introduction    pp. 1-88

  1. The genesis of the Sinarum Philosophusand its prototypes
  2. The interweaving of different Chinese sources

            III. Editorial choices in translating the Lunyu

  1. The Jesuit reading of the Lunyuand the image of Confucius
  2. The Life of Confucius and his portrait
  3. The reception of the Lunyuthrough two derivative works

            Conclusion: Classics in the global age

Concerning this edition, pp. 89-92

Trilingual (Chinese, lLatin, English) edition of the Lunyu, with notes        93-589

The Life of Confucius, Father of Chinese Philosophy                                        603-625

Appendix:  Ming edition of the Lunyu jizhu [Zhang Juzheng] with References in the Sinarum Philosophus   627-628

Vocabulary            629-634

Bibliography         635-640

Index                      641-675


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