Confucian Rituals and Chinese Villagers (2013)

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Confucian Rituals and Chinese Villagers: Ritual Change and Social Transformation in a Southeastern Chinese Community, 1368–1949. By Yonghua Liu. Leiden: E. J. Brill, 2013.

Part One: Introduction
Chapter 1: Confucian Rituals in Late Imperial Chinese State and Society
Commoners, Confucian Rituals, and Neo-Confucianism
The Appropriation of Confucian Rituals
A Social History of Rituals in Sibao
Principal Themes

Chapter 2: History at the Periphery: Tingzhou and Sibao
Tingzhou: Banditry, Ethnicity, and the State
Sibao: Making a Center out of a Periphery

Part Two: Lisheng as Cultural Mediations
Chapter 3: Who Are Lisheng?
Lisheng: An Overview
Lisheng and Sibao Society

Chapter 4: Lisheng and Their Rituals
Lisheng and Sibao Rituals
Manuals of Sacrificial Texts

Part Three: Lineage, Ritual, and Corporate Estates
Chapter 5: The Creation of a Lineage Society
Lineage Building
Ancestors, Genealogy, and Lineage Building

Chapter 6: Rites, Land, and Lineages
Ancestral Rites
Land, Lineage, and Local Elite
The Limits of Lineage Building

Part Four: A Strange Community Compact?
Chapter 7: Community Compacts, Village Rituals, and Local Society
Community Compacts in Late Imperial Sibao
Villages and Descent Groups around Shangbao
The Making of a Community Compact
Shangbao Compact and Local Society

Part Five: The Worship of Gods
Chapter 8: Gods, Ancestors and Demons
Zougong: A God Becoming an Ancestor
The Transformation of She and Li

Chapter 9: Temples, Markets, and Village Identity
Temple Building and Village Identity
Temples and Commerce

Chapter 10: Locating Rituals in Time and Space
The Genealogy of a Grand Narrative
Cultural Hybridization as a Historical Process

1. Jinshi (Metropolitan Graduates) in Late Imperial Tingzhou
2. Lisheng and the Rituals Performed by Them in Tingzhou
3. Fifty Sibao Jiwenben (I): Basic Facts
4. Fifty Sibao Jiwenben (II): Breakdown of Contents
5. Five Prohibitions of the Shangbao Compact
6. Villages and Surnames in Sibao
7. Temples and Gods in the Sibao Basin
8. Gods and Texts Dedicated to Them in Three Sibao Jiwenben




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