Christianity in Contemporary China: Socio-Cultural Perspectives (2013)

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Christianity in Contemporary China: Socio-Cultural Perspectives, edited by Francis Khek Gee Lim (London and New York: Routledge, 2013).

Christianity is one of the fastest growing religions in China. Despite its long history in China and its significant indigenization or intertwinement with Chinese society and culture, Christianity continues to generate suspicion among political elites and intense debates among broader communities within China.

This unique book applies socio-cultural methods in the study of contemporary Christianity. Through a wide range of empirical analyses of the complex and highly diverse experience of Christianity in contemporary China, it examines the fraught processes by which various forms and practices of Christianity interact with the Chinese social, political and cultural spheres. Contributions by top scholars in the field are structured in the following sections: Enchantment, Nation and History, Civil Society, and Negotiating Boundaries.

This book offers a major contribution to the field and provides a timely, wide-ranging assessment of Christianity in Contemporary China.

Introduction Francis
Khek Gee Lim

Part 1: Enchantment

1. Signs and wonders: Christianity and hybrid modernity in China
Richard Madsen

2. From ‘Christianity in China’ to ‘Chinese Christianity’: changing paradigms and changing perspectives
Peter Tze Ming Ng

Part 2: Nation and History

3. Christian Revival from Within: Seventh-day Adventism in China
Joseph Tse-Hei Lee and Christie Chui-Shan Chow

4. Protestant reactions to the nationalism agenda in contemporary China
Carsten Vala

5. Trying to make sense of history: Chinese Christian traditions of countercultural belief and their theological and political interpretation of past and present history
Tobias Brandner

6. Contemporary Christianity and the Religiosity of Popular Chinese Cinema
Yam Chi-Keung

7. ‘To the Peoples’: Christianity and ethnicity in China’s minority areas
Francis Khek Gee Lim

Part 3: Civil Society

8. Civil society and the role of the Catholic Church in contemporary China
Chan Shun-hing

9. The emergence of Christian subcultures in China: beginnings of an inculturation from the grassroots?
Katrin Fiedler

10. Calvin, culture and Christ? Developments of faith among Chinese intellectuals
Fredrik Fällman

11. Christian ethics and business life: an ethnographic account of overseas Chinese Christian entrepreneurs in China’s economic transition
Joy Tong

12. Saints, secrets, and salvation: emergence of spiritual–religious groups in China between 1978 and 1989
Kristin Kupfer

Part 4: Negotiating Boundaries

13. The house-church identity and preservation of Pentecostal-style Protestantism in China
Kao Chen-yang

14. Making sense of China’s state-society relations: unregistered Protestant churches in the reform era
Teresa Wright and Teresa Zimmerman-Liu

15. A Three-Self Protestant church, the local state and religious policy implementation in a coastal Chinese city
Mark McLeister

16. Constructing sacred space under the forces of the market: a study of an "upper-floor" Protestant church in Hong Kong Gustav K. K. Yeung



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