Pioneer Chinese Christian Women (2010)

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Lutz, Jessie Gregory ed. Pioneer Chinese Christian Women : Gender, Christianity, and Social Mobility. Studies in Missionaries and Christianity in China. Bethlehem: Lehigh University Press, 2010.  9780980149685 (alk. paper) 0980149681 (alk. paper), 444 pages, 85 US$

        Jessie G. Lutz -- Women in imperial China: ideal, stereotype, and reality / 
        Gail King -- Christian women of China in the seventeenth century / 
        R.G. Tiedemann -- A necessary evil: the contribution of Chinese "virgins" to the growth of the Catholic Church in late Qing China /
        Eugenio Menegon -- Child bodies, blessed bodies: the contest between Christian virginity and Confucial chastity /  
        Robert Entenmann -- Christian virgins in early Qing, Sichuan / 
        Peter Chen-Main Wang -- Models of female Christians in early twentieth-century China: historiographical study /  
       Joseph Tse-Hei Lee -- Gospel and gender: female Christians in Chaozhou, South China / 
       Margo S. Gewurtz -- Women and Christianity in rural north Henan, 1890-1912 /  
      Claudia von Collani -- Lady Candida Xu: a widow between Chinese and Christian ideals / 
       Ling Oi Ki -- Bible women /  
       John R. Stanley -- Establishing a female medical elite: the early history of the nursing profession in China /  
       Connie Shemo -- "To develop native powers": Shi Meiyu and the Danforth Memorial Hospital Nursing School, 1903-1920 /  
       Ryan Dunch -- "Mothers to our country": education and ideology among Chinese Protestant women, 1870-1930 /  
       M. Cristina Zaccarini -- Chinese nationalism and Christian womanhood in early twentieth-century China: the story of Mary Gao (Gao Meiyu) / 
       Dong Wang -- The advance to higher learning: power, modernization, and the beginnings of women's education at Canton Christian College /
      Jessie G. Lutz -- Women's education and social mobility /
Jessie G. Lutz -- Beyond missions: Christianity as a Chinese religion in a changing China.



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