Brett B. Bodemer. John Hedley in North China and Inner Mongolia, 1897-1912 (2008)

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Author Bodemer, Brett B.
Title John Hedley in North China and Inner Mongolia, 1897-1912 / Brett
B. Bodemer.
Publisher Norwalk, Conn. : EastBridge, c2008.

Preacher, author, and explorer, John Hedley was an avid writer and
photographer who wrote several books about his adventures. Many of his
original photographs are here published for the first time.

Hedley left England’s industrial hub of Northumbria in 1897 to perform
missionary work in rural north China on behalf of a small Protestant
denomination: the Methodist New Connexion. He arrived just before the
devastating Yellow River Flood of 1898, joined the flight from the
Boxer Rebellion, and witnessed the birth of the First Chinese

Between 1904 and 1906 he travelled Mongolia to assess missionary
prospects. Collecting physical and topographical data as well, he
published his observations and was subsequently named a Fellow of the
Royal Geographical Society.

John Hedley in North China & Inner Mongolia combines a wealth of
Hedley’s works and letters with other documentation, including the
mission’s own newsletter, Gleanings in Harvest Fields, to produce a
very readable study of his China in its political, social, and
economic contexts.

Brett B. Bodemer has published fiction, poetry and essays since 1980.
A member of Phi Beta Kappa, he has a Master of Arts in French Language
and Literature from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

ISBN 1-59988-012-1 (pb) $29.95



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