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1.China and Protestant Missions

A collection of their earliest missionary works in Chinese.

Books, periodicals, almanacs, Christian literature, catechisms,
apologetics, hymn books, prayer books, biographies, and dictionaries
relating to Protestant missionary work in China and covering such
subjects as the history of the Christian Church as well as Western
history, geography, science, and technology in general. Collection
contains mostly 19th-century books in Chinese, authored and published
by Protestant missions in China.

Number of titles 708
Number of microfiches     1,752
Price € 14.454

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2.Missionary Archives


The filming of important missionary archives has a dual purpose: the
original,unique documents are preserved for the future and copies can
be made available to scholarly all over the world.
This catalogue contains details of the extremely rich and varied
collection of Missionary Archives available, on microfiche, from IDC.
The archives were filmed libraries: the School of Oriental and African
Studies in London, the Middle East Centre of St. Antony's College in
Oxford, the World in Geneva and the Departement Evangelique Francais
d' Action Apostolique in Paris.


Council for World Mission Archives 1775-1940
Methodist Missionary Society Archives 1791-1948
Conference of British Missionary Societies Archives 1912-1970
The Joint IMC/CBMS Missionary Archives, Africa and India 1910-1945
Presbyterian Church of England, Foreign Missions Archives 1847-1950
United Society for Christian Literature Archives 1799-1960
Jerusalem and East Mission Archive 1842-1976
International Missionary Council Archives 1910-1961
Paris Evangelical Missionary Society Archives 1822-1935

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3.Missionary Archives Asia

The importance of missionary archives as a primary resource continues
to grow as their value for the study of a variety of scholarly
disciplines and subjects becomes ever more widely recognized.
Missionary Archives on Asia is now available. It consists of four
sections: East, South, South East Asia (each subdivided by country),
and an Asia General section.

Number of titles 386
Number of microfiches     24,662
Price € 203.462


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Western Books on China published up to 1850 Online

Brill/IDC had digitized the existing complete collection of 654 books of western books on China. The collection is based on the annotated bibliography by John Lust of all early Western books on China to be found in the library of the SOAS.

  • Material from the library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London
  • Based on the book Western Books on China published up to 1850 by John Lust
  • Unique historical interest: the books show view and interest in former China by19th cent� Westerner community
  • Interesting geographical area
  • Searchable for keyword, author, title, place, year, subject, language, institute
  • All pages can be downloaded and printed
  • 12 different Western languages
  • Extra supplements possible in the near future
  • Available online and on microfiche
  • Keywords: Encyclopedic works, notebooks, Chinese studies, travels, language, international relations, international trade, economic affairs, Chinese society, education, literature, art, architecture, sciences, geography

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卓新平:丝绸之路的宗教之魂 网络时文




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