Ji Li, Missions Étrangères de Paris (MEP) and China from the Seventeenth Century to the Present (2021)

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The first scholarly work on the subject by leading scholars in the field, Missions Étrangères de Paris (MEP) and China examines the variety of ways in which MEP missionaries complemented and complicated Catholic Church and French engagement with Chinese society. Key players in the Church’s overseas missions in the Far East, many MEP missionaries spent their entire lives working with ordinary Chinese. This volume explores the proactive engagement of MEP missionaries in Bible translation and cultural accommodation, their evangelization efforts in local communities, and the interaction between MEP representatives and various local groups. Each study in this book responds to one or more of the major themes in the history of Christianity in China that include conflicts, accommodations, indigenization, imperialism, and nationalism. Contributors are François Barriquand, Jean Charbonnier, Yanrong Chen, Lina Guo, Zhijie Kang, Ji Li, Matthieu Masson, Jean-Paul Wiest, Qing Wu, Hongyan Xiang, Ernest Young, and Aidong Zhao.

Publisher ISBN: 978-90-04-49869-3
出版日期: 15 Nov 2021

Ji Li, is Assistant Professor of History at The University of Hong Kong. She has published monographs and articles in English and Chinese, including God’s Little Daughters: Catholic Women in Nineteenth-Century Manchuria (Washington, 2015).


Notes on Contributors
List of Figures and Tables

Introduction: Placing the Société des Missions Étrangères de Paris (MEP) in Late Imperial and Modern China
Ji Li

Part 1 Cultural accommodation in the 17th and 18th centuries


1 Nobis Solis Sinensibus: When Jean Basset Identified Himself as Chinese in Order to Promote the Term Shangdi
François Barriquand

2 Telling Biblical Stories in Chinese: A Case Study of Two Gospel Texts
Yanrong Chen

3 The Formulation and Implementation of Rules for Virgins and its Influence on the Historical Process of Chinese Church
Zhijie Kang and Qing Wu

Part 2 Intensification of Evangelization in the Early and Mid-19th Century


4 Roman Catholic Presence in Guangdong at the Time of the Return of the MEP in the Mid-19th Century
Jean-Paul Wiest

5 La Mort d’ Auguste Chapdelaine : Prétexte d’ une Guerre, Occasion du Protectorat Religieux de la France en Chine
Matthieu Masson

Part 3 Expansion of MEP Presence in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries


6 Bishop Guillemin and the Creation of MEP’s Real Estate Empire in South China
Hongyan Xiang

7 MEP Missionary Educational Endeavors in Modern Southwest China: A Case Study of Latin School and Kanghua Elementary School in Kangding
Aidong Zhao

8 Le Procès en diffamation de Paul-Hubert Perny: Un aperçu de la sinologie française dans la deuxième moitié du XIXe siècle
Lina Guo

Conclusion: Vignettes of Responses by MEP Missionaries to China, 1886–1936
Ernest P. Young

Appendix: MEP in China: A Chronology from the 17th Century to the Present
Jean-Pierre Charbonnier





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