Call for Papers: Generational Legacies: The Family in Chinese Christianity

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May 3-4, 2020 (arriving May 2, departing May 5)

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA


This conference seeks to examine Chinese Christianity through the lens of the family. Chinese culture has a strong emphases on the family and expressions of Christianity in China are often family-centered. Therefore, understanding the role of the family in Chinese Christianity is critical for understanding Chinese Christianity.


The Center on Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University invites presentation proposals that look at various aspects of the family in Chinese Christianity. Topics may include:


  • Commemoration of family history by Chinese Christian families
  • The role of Christianity in Chinese households
  • How Chinese Christian families perform life course rituals
  • How Chinese Christianity is linked to kinship or lineage networks
  • Chinese Christian theologies of family
  • “Sinification” of Chinese Christian families
  • Intergenerational challenges for Chinese Christian families
  • Multi-religious or mixed religious Chinese families
  • Transnational experiences of Chinese Christian families
  • Religious socialization in Chinese Christian families
  • The role of family in conversions to Christianity


In addition to presentations by scholars of Chinese Christianity, we also invite submissions from descendants of Chinese Christian families to present on the Christian history of their family. Such individuals are encouraged to share conversion experiences of ancestors, biographical information on prominent Christian family members, and unique Chinese Christian elements that characterize their families.


This gathering also hopes to collect firsthand historical sources, including personal papers (such as diaries), family photos, or other private holdings, which we hope to preserve and eventually digitize. Descendants of Chinese Christian families or scholars with relevant documents are encouraged to contact us regarding the collection of such sources.


Hotel and food expenses will be covered for all participants and limited travel funds are available to subsidize transportation costs for some scholars.


Applications from scholars should include a paper title, abstract (no more than 500 words), brief CV, and if you are applying for a travel subsidy (and if so, approximate cost of airfare). Applications from descendants of Chinese Christian families should include brief biographical information of the family (no more than 1,200 words), including region of origin, number of Christian generations, and prominent figures. A brief CV of the person(s) who will represent their families should also be included.


Deadline to submit applications: December 13, 2019. Application material should be sent to Please indicate “Generational Legacies” in the subject line. We will notify selected participants of acceptance and allocation of travel funds by January 15, 2020.



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