Transfiguration of Chinese Christianity: Localization and Globalization (2018)

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Transfiguration of Chinese Christianity: Localization and Globalization

作者: Allan H. Anderson, Paul H. B. Chang, Fu-chu Chou, Ke-hsien Huang, Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Cheng-tian Kuo, Yun-hsuan Kuo, Peter Tze Ming Ng, David A. Reed, Ray Yun Wang



Since Christianity was re-introduced to China in the early nineteenth century, Chinese Christianity has undergone a holistic “transfiguration” which both truthfully restores ante-Nicene Christianity and successfully adapts to the cultural contexts of Chinese and other societies. The theoretical and theological diversity of this book is consistent with that of traditional Chinese religious writings as well as that of the ante-Nicene fathers but may be deemed un-theoretical, un-academic, or un-theological by those theologians who received Western theological training, as that tends to be too hegemonic, emotionless, and archaic in the eyes of lay believers.


Cheng-tian Kuo

Cheng-tian Kuo is Distinguished Professor of the Political Science Department and Professor of the Graduate Institute of Religious Studies at National Chengchi University in Taiwan. He specializes in religious politics. His major publications include Religion and Democracy in Taiwan and Religion and Nationalism in Chinese Societies (ed.).

Fu-chu Chou

Fu-chu Chou is Honorary Professor of National Central University in Taiwan. His recent major publications are related to Chinese translations of the Bible.

Sian-chin Iap

Sian-chin Iap is Postdoctoral Fellow of the Research Center for Chinese Cultural Subjectivity at National Chengchi University in Taiwan. His research interests focus on Pentecostalism. One of his major works is Baptism in the Spirit: Lukan and Pentecostal Theology of the Holy Spirit (in Chinese).


Part I: Theologies and Theories of Chinese Christianity
Chapter 1
Ninety-Nine Theses of Chinese Christianity: Restoration and Adaptation
Cheng-tian Kuo

Chapter 2
Legitimate Diversity or Heretical Deviation: “Local Churches” and the Challenges of the Globalized Pluralistic World
Veli-Matti Karkkainen

Chapter 3
Contemporary Chinese “Pentecostal” Churches in a Globalized World
Allan H. Anderson

Chapter 4
Re-defining “Globalization” and “Christian Mission”: Contemporary Understanding of World Christianity and Chinese Christianity
Peter Tze Ming Ng

Part II: Case Studies
Chapter 5
“The Breaking of the Outer Person”: The Relationship between the Self and the Church in Watchman Nee’s Mature Ministry
Paul H. B. Chang

Chapter 6
Evaluation of Chinese Bible Translation by Rhetorical Analysis of John 13–17
Yun-hsuan Kuo, Fu-chu Chou

Chapter 7
Emergence and Development of Indigenous Christianity in China: A Class-Culture Approach
Ke-hsien Huang

Chapter 8
Restoration and Revelation in the True Jesus Church: Sources of Indigenization
David A. Reed

Chapter 9
MAX WEBER IS ALIVE AND WELL in Ho Chi Minh City: Comparison of Church-State Relations in China and Vietnam
Ray Yun Wang



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