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国学与西学:国际学刊 半年刊


第十五期: 二零一八年 十二




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卷首语From the Editor’s Desk*

YOU Xilin, ZHANG Jun

and Paulos HUANG        Aesthetics, Art and Theology in China

尤西林、张俊、黄保罗 中国的美学、艺术与神学


人学、神学与国学Humanities, Theology, and Chinese National Studies

BAI Junxiao            Reasonable Measurement and Motion: Numerical Order in the Soul and Music柏峻霄                       理性的测量和运动:灵魂和音乐中的数理秩序      


宋旭红                    何以美?论基督教教父释经学对《创世记》首章中光的美学阐释

SONG Xuhong                 How can Light be Beautiful? On the Aesthetic Interpretations of Light in Genesis 1 by Patristic Exegetes


实践神学与中西教会和社会Practical Theology and Sino-Western Views on Church and Society

董丽慧                    明清之际随传教士入华的西文插图书籍及其在华影响

DONG Lihui                     Influence and Diffusion of Illustrated Books Imported by Western Missionaries in the 16th and 17th Century China

Sung Sook KIM              The Korean Poet Yoon Dong Ju’s Cross and its Image of Martin Luther

金性淑                    尹东柱《十字架》诗中所体现的马丁路德形象考察


中西经典与圣经Chinese and Western Classics and the Bible

刘光耀                    命运与使命、诗歌神学与诗歌的神学——《岛子诗选》研究

LIU Guangyao         Destiny and Mission, Poetic Theology and the Theology of Poetics

——A Study of Dao Zi Selected Poems


荣光启          当代中国基督徒的诗歌创作

RONG Guangqi               On Christian Poetry of Contemporary China


教会历史与中西社会 Church History in the West and in China

ZHA Changping      A History of Ideas in Pioneering Contemporary Chinese Art as a History of Devotion

查常平                    中国先锋艺术思想史——作为灵性史


张怡                民国时期基督教艺术的本土化——以陆鸿年作品为例

ZHANG Yi              The Localization of Christian Art in the Republic of China

——Taking Lu Hongnian's Works as an Example


比较宗教文化研究Comparative Religious and Cultural Studies

Youngmee HWANG The Meaning of Christianity in the Film and Novel “The Flowers of War”

黃榮美                    电影及小说《金陵十三钗》的基督教意义


Three Comparative Studies by LI Yi, FANG Weilin and Leyli ALEKSANYAN

LI Yi                       ‘To Have’ or ‘to Be’: Way of meaning and being

--- Fromm’s encounter with Lao Zi and Meister Eckhart

李宜                “有” 还是 “是”:意义与存在之途——当弗洛姆径遇老子及埃克哈特大师


FANG Weilin          The Hidden Feminine Tradition of Trinity

方蔚林(笔名 舒也)        三位一体结构中的阴性传统


Leyli ALEKSANYAN      The names of God in the Hebrew Bible and the absence of names of God in the

Armenian Bible

雷丽                       希伯来圣经中上帝的名字在亚美尼亚译本中的缺席


书评与通讯Reviews and Academic Reports

刘平                文学想象中的本色神学:墨面基督 ——评姜原来《兰林复活节》        LIU Ping               One Indigenous Theology of the Literary Imagination: Ink-faced Christ

------ A Book Review of Jiang Yuanlai’s Easter in Lanlin

张迎迎                    1990-2017年中国大陆基督教音乐研究综述

ZHANG Yingying   A Review of Christian Music Studies in Mainland China from 1990 to 2017


郝青松                    以基督信仰带领中国当代艺术: 宗教改革对艺术史的发问与呼召

HAO Qingsong                Chinese Contemporary Art with the leading of Christian Religion:

Religion Reform questions and calls on art history.


投稿须知Notes for Contributors

注释体例及要求Footnote Format and Requirements

* Neither English abstracts nor key words are provided for the foreword from the editor’s desk, book reviews and academic reports.

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