Naomi Thurston, Studying Christianity in China: Constructions of an Emerging Discourse (2018)

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Naomi Thurston, Studying Christianity in China: Constructions of an Emerging Discourse (2018)


Brill, 2018.


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Naomi Thurston holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David (2015). She currently works at Sichuan University in Chengdu. Her recent publications include “Reading Religion in China Today” ( Review of Religion and Chinese Society, 2017).


Part 1: Introduction, Methodology and Background


1 Introduction

1.1 Sino-Christian Theology and Sino-Christian Studies

1.2 Background and Approach, Questions and Aims

1.3 Current State of Research and Works Consulted

1.4 Plan of the Chapters


2 Theory, Terms and Methodology

2.1 Approaching a Phenomenon: “What Manner of Men Are These?”

2.2 The Terminological Instability of “Sino-Christian Theology”

2.3 Methodology


3 Religious Studies and Christianity in China Today

3.1 Approaching Religion in Post-Secular Chinese Society

3.2 Confronting Chinese Modernity: Theology Versus Ethicization

3.3 Evaluating Sino-Christian Studies


Part 2: Studying Christianity in China


4 Development and Institutional Context of Sino-Christian Studies

4.1 Institutions and Institutional Structures

4.2 Developing Christian Studies in Mainland China

4.3 Generational Distinctions Within the Sphere of Sino-Christian Studies


5 Trendsetting: Senior Scholars and the Social Sciences


5.1 China’s “Lost Generation”

5.2 Introducing Scholarly Types: The Common Thread of Academic Commitment

5.3 “Type 2”: Observing Christianity in Chinese Society

5.4 Historical Perspectives

5.5 Why the Marginal-Status Claim?


6 The Core of the Phenomenon: Senior Generation Theologians and Philosophers

6.1 Hong Kong Theologians: Mining the Symbolic Power of Sino-Christian Theology

6.2 Catholic Theology: A Beijing Theologian Shares His Perspective

6.3 Sino-Christian Theology: A Handmaiden for Philosophy?

6.4 The Potential of Sino-Christian Theology and Sino-Christian Studies


7 The Younger Scholars

7.1 Disciplinary Diversification Among the Younger Scholars

7.2 Recognizing the Accomplishments of Senior Scholars

7.3 The Missing Link of Biblical Studies

7.4 Vitality in the Margins

7.5 Christian and Non-Christian Identity Among the Younger Scholars

7.6 The Role of Theology


8 Analysis and Argumentation: Marginality and Sino-Christian Studies

8.1 Marginality and Prominence

8.2 Openness for the Marginal: Appraising the Interpretive Position of Tolerance

8.3 Inquiry, Discourse, Discipline: Legitimizing an Emerging Discourse

8.4 Suspended in Interdisciplinary Space


Part 3: Conclusion and Appendix

9 Conclusion

9.1 Translating Christianity into Chinese

9.2 Insiders/Outsiders: Voices from the Margins

9.3 Contributions of the Study

9.4 Suggestions for Further Research

9.5 A Final Thought


Appendix Interview Transcripts


1 Interview with Senior Generation Scholar, Theology and Religious Studies

2 Interview with Senior Generation Scholar, Theology and Religious Studies

3 Interview with Younger Scholar, Philosophy

4 Interview with Younger Scholar, Theology

Interview Guide (Interviews 10–38)

Bibliography Index



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