Yale Divinity School: Full Scholarships for Master’s Students from the PRC

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Yale Divinity School is pleased to be able to offer 2 full scholarships (fees and living stipend) for admission in 2023-24 for scholars from the People’s Republic of China. These are for the two-year Masters of Arts in Religion program. This may be in any field of study at YDS, either the general program or a concentration. 

The priority deadline for applications is 15 January 2024 with the final deadline 1 February 2024. All eligible candidates who apply will be considered for this scholarship. If you have specific questions about the scholarships please email Professor Starr, chloe.starr@yale.edu; for general admissions questions contact divinity.admissions@yale.edu

耶魯大學神學院(YDS)將在2024-25學年為兩位中國大陸學者提供全額獎學金(包括學費和生活津貼),用於支持學者完成為期兩年的神學碩士課程(Master of Arts in Religion)。您可以選擇YDS的任何研究領域,既可廣泛學習又可專攻某個科目,如希伯來聖經、倫理學、基督教歷史等等。 有特別需求的學者,可以申請為期三年的道學碩士課程 (MDiv degree)

申請人必須符合YDS的入學要求: 1)擁有來自認可大學的學士學位;2)英語水平需達到雅思7分。本項目將優先考慮有計劃攻讀神學博士學位和/或從事神學教育職業的申請者。


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