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This information is from: https://www.chinachristianitystudies.org/2021/02/2021-ccsg-annual-meeting.html

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 annual meeting of the China Christianity Studies Group will be held virtually on Friday, March 26  7:30-9:15PM Eastern Time (US), in parallel with the Association for Asian Studies' 2021 virtual conference. The Zoom link is: bates.zoom.us/j/96826504889

The meeting is free and open to the public – no registration required. Our time together will include special reports and presentations from:
  • Daryl Ireland (Boston University)
  • Eugenio Menegon (Boston University)
  • Naomi Thurston (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Stephanie M. Wong (Valparaiso University)
  • Xiaoxin Wu (Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History)
The complete meeting agenda is available here, along with a downloadable copy of the poster. Please feel free to circulate widely to colleagues, students, friends, and interested community members.
We look forward to seeing many of you and enjoying a time of stimulating conversation on March 26.



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