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Mingli tan: A Late Ming Chinese translation of the In universam dialecticam Aristotelis

Lu Jiang,    (Jiang, Lu 江璐)


Mingli tan: A Late Ming Chinese translation of the In universam dialecticam Aristotelis,


  1. 105-127 in:

Cristiano Casalini (ed.), Jesuit logic and Late Ming China: Lectures on the Cursus Conimbricensis,

Chestnut Hill (MA): Institute of Jesuit Sources - Boston College, 2019,

137 p., ISBN 978-1-947617-03-2 .



105-106 Mingli tan: The name and its translators [Francisco Furtado SJ and Li Zhizao].

106-110 Early prints and modern editions of Mingli tan.

110-111 Mingli tan and Qiongli xue.

111-114 Mingli tan’s Latin original: The In universam dialecticam Aristotelis.

114-119 Structure of Mingli tan.

119-123 Content of Mingli tan: Logic, ontology, and theology.

123-125 Conclusion.

125-127 Bibliography.


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